• Extensive experience
    assisting a Diverse
    Client Base
  • Providing counsel
    on federal, state
    and local election matters
Campaign Law
The Firm works with candidate committees and has extensive experience in advising campaigns with regard to federal campaign finance law, including public financing and the audit process. The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to campaigns on
all legal matters.
The Firm works with nonprofits at all stages, from the establishment of the entity, to advice regarding the complexities of tax law and campaign finance law.
We provide guidance on applicable ethics requirements, completing and filing financial disclosure forms, establishment of blind trusts, as well as compliance with gift, travel, and conflicts of interest rules.
We have solutions.

Our Commitment to our Clients

We continuously strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of service. Our firm provides a full range of legal and compliance services, from regulatory compliance to assistance in drafting and filing forms to meet deadlines. We make every effort to respond immediately to clients’ requests and concerns. Our clients can trust that we will maintain our commitment to their confidentiality. We have significant experience in crisis management and other sensitive clients matters.

News & Media

Committee on House Administration Approves Reimbursement Rule Changes
On October 21, 2015 the Committee on House Administration unanimously approved an amendment to the rules which govern travel and expense reimbursements for lawmakers.

D.C. Court of Appeals Reaffirms Ban on Federal Contractor Donations
The D.C. Court of Appeals roundly rejected a case that sought to lift the ban on federal contractors donating to federal candidates.

SCOTUS Upholds Constitutionality of Arizona's Independent Redistricting Panel
The Supreme Court ruled that Arizona's independent redistricting commission is constitutionally permissible.