The firm has extensive experience in the areas of election law, campaign finance, nonprofit law, and ethics.

In addition, the firm has considerable expertise providing the following services:

  • Advice for individual major donors
  • Lobbying registration and reporting compliance
  • General legal services for corporations’ political committees
  • Crisis management
  • Strategic political and communications advice
Campaign Law
The Firm works with candidate committees and has extensive experience in advising campaigns with regard to federal campaign finance law, including public financing and the audit process. The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to campaigns on
all legal matters.
The Firm works with nonprofits at all stages, from the establishment of the entity, to advice regarding the complexities of tax law and campaign finance law.
We provide guidance on applicable ethics requirements, completing and filing financial disclosure forms, establishment of blind trusts, as well as compliance with gift, travel, and conflicts of interest rules.
We have solutions.